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Becoming SAFAS distributor

Becoming SAFAS distributor

Since 1952, SAFAS has always made the maximum not only to supply the best instruments and breakthrough technologies to its customers, but also the highest quality of service. It is important for us that all our partners have the same commitment to customer’s satisfaction.

If you consider that your way of working corresponds to our spirit, if you’re not there only to make sales but also to establish long term partnership with commitment to maximum customer’s satisfaction, then please carefully fill up the following form.

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Please provide the following informations:
1.When was your company created, and since when is it involved in spectroscopy?
2.How many salesmen specializing in spectroscopy do you have? How many efficient engineers do you have for after-sales service?
3.Are you currently selling, or have you already been selling, instruments from a competitor of SAFAS?
4.In which country(ies) or area are you selling, and where are located your agencies or subsidiaries?
5.please provide your comments about the spectroscopy market in your country(ies).

Please copy the code here below to validate your request. Case sensitive, please be respectful of Upper Case/Lower Case.

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