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Formulario para pedir asistencia

Disculpe, este formulario ya no està disponible en español.

Before filling up the present form:
-please open the online help of our software, or read the assistance/troubleshooting of your user’s guide, and check if the problem wouldn’t be already described and easy to solve;
-have you tried to switch off and on your SAFAS instrument and the computer?
-if you are faced to a problem of abnormal measurements, have you checked if your sample holder (cuvette, microplate) is made in a material fitting your working wavelength?
-if your problem is not solved, please describe it as accurately as possible, specifying the software version (click on Help / About) and joining a test report file;
-if you are faced to a problem of measurements on certified standards, please specify which is the trademark of your standards, which kind of standards you are exactly using, what are the discrepancies, and the validity date of their certificate;
-if you have a problem with your software, please accurately describe what you are doing, which are the parameters, and if possible join a result file or a copy of your screen;
-please carefully describe which kind of instrument you are using (spectrophotometer, spectrofluorometer, microplate reader, luminometer, analyzer, etc...) with model and serial number.


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Please input hereafter all your comments or complementary notes, particularly regarding the following points:
-has your instrument been recently controlled or maintained by SAFAS?
-have you recently changed your computer?
-have you tried to validate your instrument on certified standards?
-is your power supply reliable, and is your instrument connected to an uninterruptible power supply (if yes, please specify its features)?
-do you ask for a visit of one of our engineers? do you ask for an instrument to be lended to your services?

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Por favor, copie el código más abajo para enviar este formulario. Por favor, respectar Mayùscula/Minùscula.

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